Frequently Asked Questions

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I just made an order, now what?

Once your payment is done please check your contact email inbox for order confirmation. All orders are operated automatically to ensure the fastest delivery speed online, so you should receive an email within minutes. Do not change your username or put your account to private until you have received all your followers/likes/comments.

How long will it take to start receiving my purchase?

Depending on the orders volume on our system, it will take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to start the delivery of your order. Some services are marked as 'Instant' which means delivery usually starts in less than 30 minutes.

What information do you require?

We only require your username/link to proceed with your order. Your privacy is assured.

Can I email you if need more information? How long does it take for you to respond to my email?

We will answer all your questions that are related with our service. We know how much your time is worth, so we will not waste it. Our aim is to respond to each email within 24 hours.

Is it safe to buy services from BuySocialMediaMarketing?

Yes, by using our services your account is 100% safe.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept payments through credit and debit cards and Paypal.

*If you need another payment method, please contact us

How can I contact you?

You can contact us either by live chat at the bottom right corner of this page or if we are offline, you can contact us through our contact form page or send an email to

Use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to contact us more easily

Can I get a refund?

Your order is eligible for a refund if it has not been completed yet. If we fail to deliver your order, you can request a full refund. Please note different packages have different delivery periods. We will not issue a refund if your new followers do not interact with you. We do not guarantee that your followers will engage with your posts.

INSTAGRAM; Will my followers like and comment on my pictures?

We have no control over whether your new followers will like or comment on your picture, it's entirely up to them. Therefore we cannot guarantee interaction. All you have to do on your side is post great pictures so your new followers will engage with you.

INSTAGRAM; Will you replace followers if they unfollow?

Yes, all Instagram Followers Packages are covered with 30 days replacement guarantee, which means that we will replace all Instagram Followers if they would decrease below the number of followers you had when we completed delivery. This guarantee is valid 30 days after purchase.

TWITTER; Will you replace followers if they unfollow?

Yes, all Twitter Followers Packages are covered with a replacement guarantee, which means that we will replace all Twitter Followers if they would decrease below the number of followers you had when we completed delivery. This guarantee is offered for limited duration, visit the service page for more information.

TWITTER; Are these Twitter followers high quality accounts?

Yes, they are PREMIUM QUALITY followers, they have profile pictures, bios and tweets.

Can I spread the Twitter Retweets/Likes between multiple tweets?

Yes, you can! We only require your Twitter username for this service, after entering your username you will be asked to select from your tweets list on our platform

YOUTUBE; What do High Retention Youtube Views mean?

At the beginning, YouTube counted views based on the number of times an exact video page has been opened. That means that in the old days you could increase video views count just by pressing the refresh button on your browser. The viewers were not required to complete watching a video to increase views count.

Today the way of how Youtube counts views is absolutely different. Now, next to the regular YouTube views, there are also the High Retention YouTube Views. These views are counted based on how many times the video was watched from the beginning till the end.

The biggest difference between low-quality views and High Retention Views is the ranking factor, low quality views will get push your video to the bottom of the page in the search results while getting high retention Youtube Views increases your video ranking a lot. With the help of these views your video will appear in the top of search results much easier!

YOUTUBE; Can my video get removed because of purchasing YouTube services?

There is absolutely no chance to get your video removed for buying our Youtube services.

FACEBOOK; Will you replace Facebook Fanpage Likes if they disappear?

Yes, Facebook Likes Packages we would replace any lost Facebook Fans if that would be the case, we do offer 30 days guarantee for this service. Our Facebook Fans are real users, that is the reason they will most likely stay as your fans for a lifetime.

FACEBOOK; From which country do the likes come from?

We provide worldwide Facebook Likes, if you need likes targeted by country please contact us and we will let you know if we can provide likes from your selected country

FACEBOOK; What do you need from me to start delivery?

In order to start a delivery for your Fanpage, we need you to remove your Fanpage age and country restrictions and make sure that your page is visible to the public. That's it, just enter your Fanpage link during checkout and we will start delivery as soon as possible.
In order to start a delivery for your Facebook post/picture, we need you to make sure that your posts are visible for the Public. All you need to do next is to paste your post/photo link on the checkout page.

YOUTUBE; Is it safe to buy Youtube Subscribers?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Youtube subscribers from BuySocialMediaMarketing. We combine a number of sophisticated marketing tactics that we have accumulated working with Youtube marketing campaigns since early 2014. You can be sure that we will only use safe methods when running the Youtube marketing campaigns which make our services 100% risk-free guaranteed.

YOUTUBE; How long does it take to start the Subscribers delivery?

Delivery for Youtube subscribers usually starts within a few hours, but in some cases it can take up to 24 hours to start the delivery process.

YOUTUBE; Will my new Subscribers watch my Youtube videos?

You may see an increase in your videos views, likes & comments after purchasing the subscribers, but we give no guarantees that it is going to happen. You should think of them as an investment for your Youtube channel organic growth - the more subscribers you have the more likely new viewers will subscribe to your channel.

YOUTUBE; What information do you need from me to start the process?

All we need to proceed with the Youtube subscriber's marketing campaign is your Youtube channel link. After you've entered your channel link on the order form, our system will immediately display your current channel statistics such as subscribers, views, and total videos counts, as well as your channel thumbnail, so you can be sure you are placing the order for the correct channel.

YOUTUBE; Does my channel\'s Subscriber count need to be public?

Yes, your channel's subscribers count must be public when placing the order. Once the delivery is complete you can change it back, if you wish so.

YOUTUBE; Will anyone know that I have purchased Youtube Subscribers?

Your privacy is our top priority and as a trustworthy company, we ensure that no one will ever know that you have purchased Youtube subscribers (or any other of our services) unless you tell them yourself.

YOUTUBE; If I purchase just Youtube Subscribers, will I get the views, likes and comments on my videos too?

It's possible. But we give no guarantees on extra engagement as we have no control over it. Whether you purchase Youtube subscribers or any other Youtube services you may expect some extra engagement as well, but to keep it natural we suggest diversifying the engagement and get for some Views, Likes, and Comments. Getting subscribers to boost is a great investment for the long-term growth of a Youtube channel, as videos from a Channel having a large audience of subscribers are more likely to be shown to more people in Youtube recommended section, as well as they will get to higher positions in the search results page.

YOUTUBE; Can my channel get banned for buying Youtube Subscribers?

No, it can not. How do we know it? There is nothing to remove your channel for. You are not doing anything wrong. Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies as BuySocialMediaMarketing to run marketing campaigns in order to increase their engagement and visibility on social media. This is completely normal and running campaigns with guaranteed results are as safe as any other marketing campaign, just it's way better.
Not convinced? Our experience verifies the statement - after serving hundreds of thousands of clients since 2014 we have never got a single complaint of a banned Youtube channel.
Still not convinced? We keep your information in highly secured servers, no one will ever know that you have purchased Youtube subscribers, not even the Youtube platform itself.

YOUTUBE; Do you need my channel login information to start delivery?

No. We will never ask for your sensitive data. We do not need your login information to proceed with the Youtube subscribers campaign, unlike some other shady companies that require your confidential data to run bots with your account, or even worse, disappear with your account forever! You don't need to worry about any of that with BuySocialMediaMarketing as all we need to start your Youtube subscribers campaign is your Youtube channel link.

YOUTUBE; Do you offer free trial for Youtube Subscribers?

Unfortunately not. But we have packages at super low prices that are a perfect fit for testing the services. 1000 Youtube subscribers are just $40.00!
Are you interested in any other Youtube campaigns? Actually of our other Youtube engagement services start as low as $2.99.

Check them out on the best offer Youtube monetization Help.

YOUTUBE; Where do these Youtube subscribers come from?

Your new subscribers will be worldwide Youtube users. Most of them will come from various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and other top websites like Reddit or Quora.

YOUTUBE; Can I place multiple orders for the same Youtube channel?

Yes, you can! Actually you can place them a number of times. Yes, including our largest 10,000 subscribers package! However, you should be aware that delivering large quantities of subscribers will take more time. There is one thing to note. You should not place multiple Youtube subscribers orders for the same channel when your previous subscriber's order for that same channel is still in progress.